Open Auditions Newskoolrules Exchange 2012

New Skool Rules and Epitome Entertainment kick off the first auditions on June 30th and July 2nd for the international New Skool Rules exchange, that will be broadcasted in 160 countries on television. 


In preparation for the New Skool Rules Conference In 2011 New Skool Rules and Epitome Entertainment organized an international exchange program for talented singers and rappers from the US and Europe, that was a huge success.Because of the success both companies agreed fully, that there would be a 3rd ediiton of the international exchange program.

For the Exchange program New Skool Rules and Epitome Entertainment are looking for 4 European talented singers /rappers and 4 American singers/rappers in several auditions. The auditions will take place in Rotterdam, Paris, London, Atlanta, L.A. and New York. The talent that gets picked will be flown to Atlanta, to work with 2 grammy award winning producers and eachother to create the New Skool Rules Anthem and at least 3 other songs. The coaches will be superproducers Anthony Dent and Needlz, that will challenge the talents, to go above and beyond they ever did before. The whole process will be filmed for Trace TV.


The Dutch auditions are at
SAE Institute R”dam June 30th
from 2- 5 pm (14.00- 17.00 hrs)
Kratonkade 5, Rotterdam

July 7th
SAE Institute Amsterdam
from 2-5 pm (14.00-17.00 hrs)
Johan van Hasseltweg 31, Amsterdam

Like the second edition of the Exchange program, there will also be auditions in Paris France at the SAE Institute. Superproducer Needlz will also be amongst the judges at these auditions as well as teaching a Masterclass production at SAE Institute.The costs for these auditions are 30 euro’s.

The French auditions are on July 2nd

SAE Institute Paris from 5.30-9.30 pm (17.30-21.30 hrs):
Aubervilliers 45 avenue Victor Hugo
Batiment 229
93534 La Plaine
St Denis Cedex

New Skool Rules will have the auditions for the Exchange in the US in Atlanta, LA and NY, so far the confirmed dates and exact locations are:

The ATL Audition is on
June 13th at SAE Atlanta,USA
from 5.30-9.00 pm (17.30-21.00 hrs):
215 Peachtree Street,
Suite #300
Atlanta, GA 30303,

The LA Audition is on
June 15th at SAE Los Angeles,USA
from 5.30-9.00 pm (17.30-21.00 hrs):
6565 Sunset Blvd
CA 90006, Los Angeles

The NY Audition is on
June 17th at SAE New York
from 2-5 pm (14.00-17.00 hrs):
1293 Broadway (9th floor @34th st.)
NY 10001, New York

The UK Audition is on
September 5th at SAE London
from 5-9.30 pm (17.00-21.30 hrs)
297 Kingsland Road London,
Greater London E8 4DD

Talents that want to guarantee themselves a spot at one of the auditions should email to, including their name, e-mail, phone number and the place they want to audition at.

The Exchange is made possible by:

Stg. Epitome Entertainment,SAE Institute, Digiwaxx Media,, State of Mind Muzik, Dry Rain Entertainment and Trace Urban.

New Skool Rules is a three day international music conference to be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It is an event, which offers a wide variety of entertainment, panels, workshops, masterclasses, showcases and network opportunities. New Skool Rules aims to fasten the development of New Skool Culture worldwide and will also provide visitors/ delegates with a complete overview and status of what New Skool Culture is. New Skool is a new term, which New Skool Rules Foundation introduced to refer to ‘Street culture’ or ‘Hip Hop culture’. New Skool Rules will take place April 5th till April 7th.

For more information about the schedule and other activities around New Skool Rules 2013, check out the site. You can also purchase the all access conference card as an early bird till oct.31st 2012 for only 80 euro’s on the website. After this date the all access conference card, that offers access to all 3 conference days, and several competitions will cost:


Regular Registration                € 100,-  registration before  February 1st 2013
Late                                       € 120,- registration before April  4th 2013
Walk Up                                 € 150,- registration on April 5th or April 6th 2013